Hooked for a Cure

April 5, 2016 | Comments (0)

JB Crockett performed a free benefit concert for the nonprofit organization Hooked for a Cure. Each year, Hooked for a Cure sponsors a different family coping with a specific form of disease, varying from Multiple Myeloma Cancer to Primary Immune Deficiency. Hooked for a Cure holds different charity events and tournaments to raise money for these families in need.

This year, they are sponsoring a little boy named Mason Cobb. After countless visits to an unthinkable amount of doctors, Mason was diagnosed with genetic Primary Immune Deficiency (PID) called MBL deficiency, later to find out he was born with another very rare PID called Natural Killer (NK). NK makes him vulnerable to fatal infection and cancer, which prevents Mason to receive live vaccines. He has countless appointments and treatments in his future. However, with the love and support of his family and the Hooked for a Cure family, he has a bright road ahead of him!

JB Crockett was honored to be a part of two benefit events, the first being a full-band concert after the Charity Airboat Tournament in Geneva, Florida. Over 60 airboats registered for the event, with multiple food vendors and an overflow of baskets donated for a charity raffle. The second event is Hooked for a Cure’s First Annual Concert Event, featuring Daryle Singletary, Lockhart, and Sean Holcomb. This will take place at the Barn in Sanford, Florida, on April 9th.

For more information on Hooked for a Cure, please visit hookedforacure.com.

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