Fun Facts

Tyler Crockett – “JB Crockett”

Birthday: May 30, 1987

Who is JB? – Justin Belisle – first called “JB and Crockett” (both played Open Mic night at Loosey’s Pub in Gainesville, FL several times. After college Justin moved away and Crockett decided to keep the name “JB Crockett”.

Direct descendant of Davy Crockett

Doesn’t like odd numbers

First guitar – A friend from church named J.R. (who was the keyboard player in the church band) let Crockett borrow his guitar for several months so he could learn a few chords. The guitar was an all black Fender acoustic.

Raced motocross when younger

Tri-Sport High School Athlete – Football, Baseball, Basketball

Other instruments – drums, piano

July 2012 – started performing Open Mic at Loosey’s Pub in Gainesville, FL

Feb 2013 – First paid gig at Wahoo Seafood and Grill in Gainesville, FL

Jan 2016 – Debut EP Release reached top 47 on iTunes the first day of the sales. The CD Release Party was at Cowboys Saloon in Gainesville FL, and Saddle Bags in Savannah, GA.

Jan 2016 – Partnered with Justin Singletary (manager) to create JB Crockett Music LLC

Feb 2016 – video shoot for one of his original songs “Wouldn’t That Be Sweet” at Jolly Gators Fish Camp in Geneva, FL

March 2016 – Sponsored by

A few National Artists that JB’s recently performed with:
Easton Corbin
Old Dominion
Jacob Bryant
Big Smo
Tracy Lawrence
Frankie Ballard
Chase Bryant
Michael Ray