Justin Singletary


“JB Crockett is one of our favorite bands at Saddle Bags and is one of the only bands that we don’t require to have a booking agent. JB and his band are always super professional and are always on time whenever they play. JB keeps the crowd engaged with great music, high-energy performances, taking selfies with fans, and by throwing out free merchandise. My staff and I always look forward to having him play at the Bag and cannot wait to have him play again. It is always a pleasure having him play for us.”

— Matthew Glickman
, General Manager, Saddle Bags Savannah

contact-1“JB, you ROCKED the Jam. As security out there, I have never seen someone pull the crowd from the main stage between two headliners, back to the Amp stage. Great job. It was great meeting you and talking with you. Hope to see you at the Jam next year!”

— Rob Hancock,
Suwanee River Jam

“JB Crockett is the perfect blend of new school and old school. His lyrics tell a story while his beat keeps the fans jumping. When JB performs, you should prepare to be entertained.”

— Norm Brewer, 
President of 615 Entertainment Group Inc. and Encore Entertainment Group Inc.

“Here at the Wild Wing Cafe in City Market, we had a performer cancel on us at the last minute, but fortunately for us, JB Crockett was available for the gig. JB’s high-energy set along with his ability to interact with the crowd had our restaurant just as busy as our weekend nights on a Tuesday night!  JB can come back and play for us ANYTIME, and when he does, you won’t want to miss it!”

— Mikie Venittelli, Manager, Wild Wing Cafe Savannah

“JB Crockett’s vivid performances at Barrelhouse South are not easily captured in a paragraph in black and white. In the sea of bars that is our beautiful downtown Savannah, Georgia, JB Crockett on stage shines like a beacon in the night to all Savannahians and (would-be) passers-by, drawing them in for an experience they won’t soon forget. A refreshingly professional and incredibly talented musician with an engaging show and stage presence, and a personality to match, JB never leaves anything on the table in his live performances. He has an open-ended invitation to play the Barrelhouse South stage anytime (hopefully sooner than later … or both)!

— Chris Clarke, Owner, Barrelhouse South, Savannah